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Louisiana Lotto Results – LA April 27 2023 Winning Numbers

 Louisiana Lotto Results April 27 2023

Track here, Louisiana Lotto Live Drawings Results, Winning Numbers, top prizes, & odds for (Thursday) April 27, 2023.

Louisiana Lotto Results

Louisiana Lotto Today Result Summary

Thursday, Apr 27, 2023 LA Lotto Numbers Payout
Est. Jackpot

Louisiana Lotto Yesterday Result Summary

Wednesday, Apr 26, 2023 LA Lotto Numbers Payout
Est. Jackpot

When does Next Draw be held of LA Lotto  Lottery?

Here is the next draw date, day & time of LA Lotto Lottery
28 April 2023, (Friday) at 9:59 P.M. C.T (GMT-6:00).

Louisiana Lotto Lottery Previous Results & Winning Numbers

Here you can see Louisiana Lotto Lottery winning numbers for today April 27 2023, and the past days.

Louisiana Lotto - LA Live Drawings

Draw Date LA Lotto Past Numbers
29 Apr 2023 05-10-16-18-25-37
26 Apr 2023 09-12-13-17-36-41
22 Apr 2023 04-07-17-18-19-39
19 Apr 2023 01-03-08-16-21-31
15 Apr 2023 05-10-19-22-24-42
12 Apr 2023 18-19-23-32-38-40
08 Apr 2023 02-09-16-21-36-41
05 Apr 2023 13-14-16-28-38-41

In the above table, you can find LA Lotto Lottery results. Along with this, discover here the exciting LA Pick 3 Lottery’s Live Drawings & past results history.

What is the ticket cost for Louisiana Lotto Lottery?

Each Louisiana Lotto lottery Ticket cost is $1 per play.

Louisiana Lotto Lottery Schedule

This portion will help out to know Louisiana Lotto Lottery Draw & ticket cut-off time.

Draw Days Louisiana Lotto
Draw Time Cut-off Time
Wednesday 9:59 P.M., C.T 9:30 P.M., C.T
Saturday 9:59 P.M., C.T 9:30 P.M., C.T

Background of Louisiana Lotto Lottery

LA Lotto has faced alternations in its format. LA Lotto started in January 1992. In 1995, the LLC ended 20 years of annuity option & started paying prizes in the form of jackpots. On April 18, 1998, LA Lotto was established as a 6/40 game with a $250,000 minimum jackpot. On August 5, 2020, more than twenty-two years later, it changed its matrix from 6/40 to 6/42. And starting jackpot increased from $250,000 to $500,000.

Louisiana Lottery Commission

The President of the Louisiana Lottery Corporation supervises the daily activities. A corporation run under the supervision of the Lottery’s nine-member governing board of directors. Board members are appointed on surprising conditions. From each of Louisiana’s seven congressional districts, one member is chosen. Each member is appointed by the governor and Louisiana Senate confirms before beginning a four-year term. Louisiana’s treasurer performs as an ex-officio board member.

Distributions of Louisiana Lottery proceeds

LLC is the first lottery among U.S. lotteries that transferred the highest percentage of revenue to its government. Lottery law orders that 35 percent of all Lottery revenue be transferred to Louisiana’s treasury. Till July 2009, Lottery’s $2 billion proceed goes to Louisiana’s treasury. In the fiscal year 2009, more than $135.9 million was transferred to treasure, which is the highest amount since 1993.

More than half of Lottery sales go in the form of prize expenses. Not claimed prizes are returned to winners in the form of increased payouts on scratch-off tickets. Since the Lottery’s start players won more than $2.8 billion.

On July 1, 2004, Louisiana law ordered that the Lottery proceeds will go to the Minimum Foundation Program which gives funds for public education in Louisiana.

How to play Louisiana Lotto Lottery?

Players can choose six numbers from 1 to 42.

Then select the wager amount that is $1.

Players can add 20 consecutive draws if they like.

After the draw, check your ticket to see if you won a prize.

Louisiana Lotto Lottery Prizes and Odds

In the given below table get details of Louisiana Lotto Lottery’s Odds & Prizes.

Match Prize Odds
6 Jackpot 1 in 5,245,786
5 $1,000* 1 in 24,286
4 $50* 1 in 555
3 $3 1 in 37
Overall odds of winning a prize in LA Lotto are 1 in 34.4.
*Prizes are pari-mutuel, so the amount can vary.

Top Stories and News about Louisiana Lotto Lottery and Powerball

March 03, 2023 – Becky Bell, from Auburn, claimed the Powerball jackpot of $754.6 million. The name of the winner was exposed by Washington’s Lottery who has worked for Boeing for 36 years. Bell purchased a ticket during grocery shopping at a Fred Meyer in Auburn, representing the fifth-largest jackpot in Powerball history. She plans to divide the money among her family. She choose the lump sum option and carried home $309 million. This is the second Powerball jackpot to be won in Washington state.

Louisiana Lotto - LA Winning Numbers

Louisiana Lotto Apr 26, 2023, draw numbers are published on our Youtube Channel. Here you can check the results immediately after the actual drawing by the authority.


How much time do I have to collect the prize?

A winner has 180 days to collect the prize from the drawing date.

What is the Advance Draw option in Lotto Lottery?

Louisiana Lotto allows up to 20 consecutive draws in advance.

Where can I see Louisiana Lottery Results?

After the Live Drawing LA Lotto Lottery results are updated here & on the Youtube Channels.

Players cannot play Louisiana lotteries if they are out of state.