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Swertres Result Today May 10, 2023

Swertres Result Today May 10, 2023 – 3D Lotto Winning Numbers

Swertres Result Today May 10, 2023 – Find in this post, the recent and latest Swertres Result Today for Wednesday, May 10, 2023. PCSO announces daily live draw updates for Swertres Results & winning numbers.

2 PM Swertres Result 


5 PM Swertres Result 


9 PM Swertres Result 

Swertres Result Today May 09, 2023 - 3D Lotto Result

PCSO Swertres Result Today Summary for May 10, 2023

This table describes today’s summary of Swertres draws results published by PCSO.

Swertres Draw timing, Results, and Winning Numbers
02:00 PM
05:00 PM
09:00 PM
Swertres Lotto Winners: TBA

The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office(PCSO) officially conducts live draws of Swertres  Result Today Wednesday, May 10, 2023, at 2:00 P.M, 5:00 P.M, and 9:00 P.M. Swertres Lotto is also known as 3D Lotto in the Philippines.

Note: PCSO authorities announce Swertres Lotto results through their official PTV4 YouTube channel (PCSO Gov) and Facebook page.

Swertres Lotto Latest Results & Winning Numbers

Swertres Result Today May 09, 2023 - 3D Lotto Live Draw

Check the table below: Swertres Lotto Results Today May 10, 2023, Yesterday, and the past 30 days winning numbers.

Draw Date Swertres Lotto Results & Winning Numbers
2:00 P.M 5:00 P.M 9:00 P.M
May 10, 2023
May 09, 2023 8-6-5 3-9-5
May 08, 2023 9-7-5 3-1-0 9-0-2
May 07, 2023
1-8-4 8-2-6 9-8-4
May 06, 2023 0-4-0 6-5-0 6-2-2
May 05, 2023
May 04, 2023 5-5-8 2-8-3 9-4-1
May 03, 2023 8-0-5 5-5-8 5-5-1
May 02, 2023 5-8-1 8-6-2 2-4-2
May 01, 2023 7-1-3 3-0-6 8-0-2
Apr 30, 2023 7-7-2 3-9-0 0-1-2
Apr 29, 2023 3-0-2 5-2-6
Apr 28, 2023  0-3-9 5-1-2 4-7-2
Apr 18, 2023  5-2-0 2-9-9 2-2-7
Apr 17, 2023  3-7-8 3-5-3 5-4-1
Apr 16, 2023  1-9-6 2-0-9 5-4-8
Apr 15, 2023  2-4-3
Apr 14, 2023  8-7-7 9-9-7 1-6-9
Apr 13, 2023 9-6-2 0-7-3
Apr 12, 2023 2-4-5 1-3-1 4-2-6
Apr 11, 2023 0-5-4 3-9-6 4-9-2
Apr 10, 2023 4-5-5 9-9-4 3-7-7
Apr 09, 2023 No Draw No Draw No Draw
Apr 08, 2023 No Draw No Draw No Draw
Apr 07, 2023 No Draw No Draw No Draw
Apr 06, 2023 No Draw No Draw No Draw
Apr 05, 2023 4-7-8  8-1-0  6-8-7 
Apr 04, 2023 2-5-4  4-0-3  5-4-9 
Apr 03, 2023 3-3-8  1-1-6  3-0-1 
Apr 02, 2023  6-7-8 2-2-7  5-6-4 
Apr 01, 2023  5-9-8  0-1-4 5-8-5 
Mar 31, 2023  6-4-1 5-0-0  1-0-6 
Mar 30, 2023 0-0-9  3-8-4  6-6-2 
Mar 29, 2023  0-0-8  9-0-3 0-6-8 
Mar 28, 2023  4-8-6  3-9-1  0-7-3

In the above table, you can find Swertres Result Today May 10, 2023, at 2:00 P.M., 5:00 P.M 9:00 P.M., And also view the latest & previous updates of the PCSO lotto.

What is the next draw date and timing of Swertres Lotto Results?

The next draw of Swertres Lotto is on 11 May (Thursday) at the same time.

2:00 PM: —
5:00 PM: —
9:00 PM:—

Swertres Lotto (3D Lotto) Drawing Schedule:

3D Lotto offers you the chance to win three times daily at 2 PM, 5 PM, and 9 PM draws except for Christmas and New Year. The timing of the draws is mentioned below.

Swertres Lotto (3D Lotto) Schedule
Days 2:00 PM 5:00 PM 9:00 PM
PCSO does not announce Swertres results on Christmas and New Year.

Introduction and history of Swertres Lotto (3D Lotto):

3D Lotto was established on June 13, 2002, as Swerteres Lotto in Visayas and Mindanao. Later expanded to Luzon in 2006. Swertres combines two words swerte (Filipino for luck) and tres (Spanish for three). It uses three Gems for each drawing a digit from 0 to 9.

First, the draws start at 2 PM followed by 5 PM and the evening draws at 9 PM. This game is the most famous among those games that offer fixed payout. This game got a solid following in social media, especially through a variety of Facebook groups.

What is the Ticket cost of Swertres Lotto (3D Lotto)?

Players can select a play amount that varies from ₱10 including a 20% Documentary Stamp Tax (DST). Bettors can also mark “Rambolito” if they want to play the 3D Lotto System bet.

How to play Swertres Lotto (3D Lotto)?

If anyone wants to play Swertres Lotto then the below-mentioned briefs are very helpful to play.

Players simply select their lucky numbers and play it their way, three 3 times a day.

Bettors choose one number from 0 to 9 from each column for a total of three digits.

Players also mark the LP Lucky Pick box and let the terminal randomly pick their number.

Suppose players may also want to play the Rambolito.

They select a 3-digit number combination and the system will automatically permutate and generate all its possible combinations.

If the chosen 3-digit combination has no repeating digits, the number of combinations generated will be 6.

If the selected 3-digit combination has two repeating digits, the number of combinations generated will be 3.

Lucky Pick is also available in the Rambolito System Play, but the option of repeating digits is not applicable.

After the draw check your winning numbers.

How many play types does Swertres Lotto offer?

See below the amazing play types of Swertres Lotto (3D) Lotto, that can enrich the winning chances.

Rembolito 3: Players select 3 similar digits looks like the combination is 4-4-0.

In Rembolito 3 you have a chance to win by matching three digits and can win a prize of Rembilito 3.

Rembolito 6: Players pick the 3 different digits from each other.

In Rembolito 6 you have a chance to win by matching three different numbers and can win a prize of Rembilito 6.

Swertres 3D Lotto Prizes Combinations & payouts:

Playing your numbers in any order gives you a better chance of winning. Players can give 4,500.00 for every 10.00 play by matching all their numbers with the winning combination in the exact order. Players may increase their chances of winning with a RAMBOLITO play. If you have picked the correct 3-number and have chosen the “Rambolito” game, you win:

(per 10.00 play)
3 different digits
1 pair of the same digit and 1 digit

Which options are needed to claim the prizes of Swertres Lotto (3D Lotto)?

Prize Levels Claiming options
20 to Jackpot Prize 
PCSO Main Office, 2nd Floor Sun Plaza Building, 1507 Princeton Street corner Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City 1552.
20 up to 500,000

Claimed at PCSO Branch Office in your area.
20.00 up to 10,000 Any authorized Lotto outlet
Prizes above 10,000 are subject to 20% tax pursuant to TRAIN Law.

Documents required to claim the prize:

Just be sure, before when you claim your lotto winnings.

  • Two valid government-issued IDs (bearing your photo and signature).
  • Winning prize Claim Form.
  • Passport
  • UMID card
  • Driving license

Keep a copy (front & back) of all claim documents as a record.

Press releases & News about PCSO Lotto Winners

January 31, 2023 – Solo winner who belongs to Pateros, Metro Manila. This winner matched the numbers with the winning numbers which were 31-41-29-25-20-08. And won the Lotto 6/42 jackpot which was 25.5 million.

January 21, 2023 – Lucky bettor who belongs to Ibaan, Batangas. This lucky winner won the 29.7 million Grand Lotto jackpot. This winner matched the numbers with the winning numbers which were 03-44-10-13-23-11.

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Where Can I Watch 3D / Swertres Lotto Live Drawings?

Swertres Result Today May 09, 2023 - 3D Lotto Winning Numbers

Watch here the latest live drawing results and winning numbers for Swertres Result Today May 10, 2023, at 2 pm, 5 pm, & 9 pm in this Youtube video.

Summary of the post: Find in the above-prescribed Post Swertres Result Today May 10, 2023 payouts, live drawing results, winning numbers, news, and draw timings. 3D Lotto Results alternative names, history table, top stories, and press releases are also discussed in this post.


What is the legal age to play the Swertres Lotto?

The minimum age to play Swertres Lotto is 18.

Is Swertres Lotto played online in the Philippines?

PCSO has no facility that sells PCSO Lotto tickets online. While in the near future, they will have the plan to implement this facility. If anyone offers online sales of PCSO Lotto tickets, it could be a clear scam.

On which day Swertres Lotto can be played?

Swertres Lotto can be played daily at 2 PM, 5 PM, and 9 PM.